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SharePoint Partners

SharePoint Factory provides the resources you need to deliver outstanding value for your customers.


Our unique model gives you access to qualified SharePoint 2010 developers at competitive rates and guaranteed quality.

 With SharePoint Factory, you can scale your business to meet the fluctuating demands of customers by engaging our trusted team to become part of your own.


All Microsoft Partners are serviced by senior account managers based at our Australian and Malaysian co-headquarters. The result is a cost effective, scalable and multi-disciplined resource base to support your needs.


Furthermore, you can rest assured in the knowledge that SharePoint Factory is partnering closely with Microsoft, universities and government to accelerate the adoption of SharePoint 2010 globally.



SharePoint Factory offers a cost effective solution for your SharePoint resource needs.


Each SharePoint team is led by an experienced Microsoft SharePoint 2010 developer, and consists of a mix of consultants with experience ranging from graduates to over seven years.


The result is a cost effective, scalable and multi-disciplined resource base to support your SharePoint needs globally.


SharePoint Factory has headquarters in Melbourne, Australia and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - providing an end-to-end full service for Microsoft partners globally.


Students receive SharePoint certification training at universities in Australia, Malaysia and Vietnam.

Utilising the SharePoint Factory model, you have the ability to:


•  Access highly qualified Microsoft SharePoint

   2010 developers.

•  Enhance productivity & reduce business


•  Scale resources rapidly to suit project needs

    and schedules.

•  Avoid the need to employ full time developers

   and invest in additional infrastructure.

•  Increase your scale of work, global reach and



For more information on SharePoint Factory partnerships, please contact,

Mr Kee Wong

Managing Director